About Us

RayOne is a Radiology and Diagnostic Medical Center that aims to provide elite diagnostic images in the fastest time possible.

Our vision is to be a leading player in the radiology industry by delivering services of the utmost quality and satisfying the different needs of our patients.

We intend to always provide such quality through the continuous growth of our facility along with the constantly changing industry.

The efficiency and reliability of our services is a result of a joint effort between our highly qualified technologists, our board-certified radiologists, as well as our exceptional imaging devices. Our common goal, mission and vision truly express our company motto “Radiology in a new perspective”.

Rayone Services

Medical Services

Realizing our promise to always provide satisfying quality for our beloved patients, we chose to invest in our precious center by acquiring the latest imaging technologies from Philips. This technology is a combination of both, complex medical hardware, as well as advanced medical software which together promotes superior imaging capabilities.  At RayOne the careful imaging of our patients is not our sole focus, whereas we also center our attention on the detailed written reports generated by our board-certified radiologists that permit efficient and reliable diagnoses.


Now you can see your medical results at any time and any place in the world thanks to PACs. PACs is a medical imaging technology that allows users to easily access their images from multiple modalities.

To gain access to your medical results, simply type your username and password in the appropriate portal:

Patient OR  Doctor

Patient Delivery 

For the first time in Jordan, a special patient delivery service targeted for radiology centers is now available. This car service is designed to take patients from their referred physicians to RayOne in order to have their images taken. Once the results are ready, they can also be returned to the referred physician upon request, thus saving the patient precious time and effort.


Our Team

Medical Staff

Dr. Hani AlAli
  • Head Radiologist
Dr. Samar Taqatqa
  • Radiologist
Dr. Natasha AlSawalha
  • Radiologist
Dr. Mohammad Momani
  • Radiologist
Dr.Hanin Kayed
  • Radiologist
Dr.Dima Al-Bate’
  • Radiologist
Dr.Ghaith Al-Hourani
  • Radiologist
Dr.Nada Al-Shehabi
  • Radiologist

Management Staff

Dr.Wael Al- Ghanameh
  • CEO
Sahar Arabiyat
  • Director of administration
Abeer Al-Ghanameh
  • Supervisor Administrator
anas almashaleh
  • Financial Manager


Shadi Musallam
  • Head of Technicians
Laith Al-Qaisi
  • Senior of Technician
Rawan Al Bozum
  • Technicians
Maysara jabar
  • Technicians
Qais al Ghareeb
  • Technician
Bateel Saleh
  • Technician
Mariam Al Momani
  • Technician
Ragad al Dawood
  • Technician
Huda al Hares
  • Technician
Tasneem Abu Zer
  • Technician
Amjad Bar Hamam
  • Technician
Yosef Hussain
  • Technician

Sales and Marketing Department

Dania Rayan
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
Ala’a Al Sbahie
  • Marketing Representative
Hala Al Hammouri
  • Marketing Representative
Thaer Al Kadi
  • Marketing Representative
Renad Musa
  • Marketing Representative

Branch Manager

Sajeda al obaid
Omran Abu Halaweh
Tareq Hamdan

Medical Insurances

  •  الشركة المتخصصة لإدارة التأمينات الطبية Med Service
  •  الشركة الاستشارية الدولية لإدارة النفقات والخدمات التأمينية الطبية Inter Health
  • شركة العناية المهيمنة لإدارة النفقات والخدمات التأمينية الطبية Omni Care
  • شركة اوبتما لإدارة الخدمات والنفقات التأمينية الطبية
  •  الشركة الملكية المتخصصة لإدارة النفقات والخدمات التأمينية الطبية
  • الشركة العربية لإدارة النفقات الصحية Medexa
  •  شركة مدنت الاردن
  •   شركة غلوب مد الاردن
  • الشركة الوطنية لإدارة التأمينات الصحية نات هيلث
  • البنك العربي الاسلامي الدولي
  •  البنك العربي
  • بنك الاسكان للتجارة والتمويل
  • بنك الاسكان للتجارة والتمويل
  • شركة السمرا لتوليد الكهرباء
  •  البنك المركزي
  • شركة الكهرباء الاردنية المساهمة العامة المحدودة
  • شركة الأولى للتأمين
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  •  منار الخير